Skoda Citigo has hidden accident history - what are my rights?

I bought a three-year-old Skoda Citigo from a dealer eight weeks ago. Recently, it went into a local Skoda dealer for some minor recall work. However, on inspection, they found it had been in a major accident and had not been repaired to any reasonable standard.

The paintwork is now rusting and the boot - I am told - is a non-Skoda part. The dealership tell me it is not in a roadworthy state and due to the crumple zone being comprised not safe to drive.

The dealer has eventually said they will take it back but will charge fair usage of 34p per mile. They will not refund the £270 delivery fee. I have also had to hire a car as I cannot safely drive this one. Surely this shouldn't be costing me anything?

Asked on 3 October 2016 by Jo Adams

Answered by Honest John
Properly quantify the 'damage' of your loss and work out a "reasonable" mileage rate for your use of the car, then take him to Small Claims. See: Once he knows you know what you can do he will probably settle on 10p a miles and waive the delivery fee, but I don't think you can hit him for the interim hire of a car.
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