Fiesta Ecoboost Clutch Problems

I bought a 1.0 Ecoboost new in 2014. Within 1200 miles I twice reported clutch problems - smell, inability to engage gears. On diagnosis (a drive around the car park) no problems were found & the car was fine in service until this week at 30,000 miles when the clutch went. Trust Ford refuse to treat this as a warranty repair unless some other fault is found. They have offered a discount on labour costs, but I will still be liable for over £600. Given that I made an early report on my car, and that problems are reported widely, I think the warranty should cover all costs. What is Ford offering to other drivers?

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As little as they can get away with. But if you can prove that the failure was due to failure of the clutch slave cylinder then Ford should pay the dealer to fix it FoC. Seems not always the case that the problem was caused by a failed clutch slave cylinder.
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