Buying a used sports car - 911 or F-Type?

I am thinking of buying a used sports car. Either a 2009 Porsche Carrera S (DFI engine) Cabrio or a 2013 Jaguar F-Type S. The 911 is £45k with 26,000 miles and manual from a well respected independent Porsche specialist and the Jag is £44k from main dealer with 16,000 miles. The Jag has two year warranty and the 911 the independents in house 1 year warranty which I've read is well respected. I plan to keep the car for 18 months before selling, which would you go for?

Asked on 28 September 2016 by Porscheboy1982

Answered by Honest John
To be 2013 the F-Type must be a roadster and I guess the V6S, not the V8S? Assuming it's a roadster I suggest you open the boot because if you carry a space saver spare there's hardly any room for anything else:

The Porsche is going to be a 997 and a 2009 will have the stronger intermediate shaft so less likelihood of the engine grenading. The dealer can download data from the ECU that shows if the engine has ever been over-revved (which can happen on a missed downshift, despite the rev-limiter). If it has been over-revved, Porsche will not warrant it. Lot more luggage space. But the two year warranty on the Jag removes any worry at all during your projected 18 month tenure.

I don't think that proportionately the Jag will now lose a lot more money than the Porsche. Porsche prices have now gone nuts and have probably overheated.
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