Audi Q5 gearbox failed after 24k miles

I've owned an 2009 Audi Q5 since new. It has covered 26,000 miles and serviced by our local main dealer to schedule. In late 2015, we noticed issues with gearbox, in particular with the car struggling to get into reverse.

We were charged £2000 by our local dealer to replace the 'mechatronic' unit. The day the car was returned, it was apparent that this had not rectified the issue. We were then quoted a further £8800 to replace the gearbox. When we refused, they agreed to replace the gearbox with a 50 per cent reduction, for £4752.

Although the car is out of manufacture warranty, from a consumer point of view, my belief is that it is unreasonable to have to pay 100 per cent of the current vehicle value at 26,000 miles simply keep the car on the road. The car as sold is clearly not fit for purpose; no consumer would buy a car (let alone an Audi) knowing that its viable lifespan was six years and 26k miles.

I have put this argument to Audi UK, they maintain that the costs are fair and reasonable and have suggested that the only action left open to me if I am not happy is to pursue legal action. Is there a precedent for this, do you have a recommendation on how to proceed?

Asked on 20 September 2016 by Francis Court

Answered by Honest John
Yours is the sixth case of this I have recorded in a Q5: And for a car that has sold consistently well since its introduction in 2008, that is not too bad. The transmission is a massive component and is used in A5s, A6s, A7s, Q7s and A8s as well, and now also in the current A4s and in the Porsche Macan.

It's not as reliable as a conventional torque converter automatic (which many manufacturers are now returning to) but six reported failures in eight years in not disastrous. In UK law there is no liability by the original supplier or manufacturer for a consumer durable such as a car beyond six years, which is deemed to be the 'reasonable' limit, unless there is a vehicle safety recall. Law here:
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