Which used 911 is best?

I'm looking at a few used Porsche 911s. Namely the 997 Carrera 2 S, all PDK. My question is, 993s are getting silly price wise, 996s have reliability issues and I don't like them particularly so I'm plumping for a well spec'd 997.

What do I need to be concerned about and do you think the prices will have bottomed out (roughly £40k for a very good seven year old example from a Porsche specialist.

Asked on 14 September 2016 by Macca226

Answered by Honest John
Your best bet is an air-cooled 993 Carrera, even though they are now £40k - £50k for a good one. 996s are not only ugly, they are junk: likely to cost a fortune in replacing their water cooled engines. I think your £40k is better spent on a 993 than a 997. In theory a 993 should continue to appreciate. Will be a long time before you can get your money back on a 997. Obviously avoid 993 Tiptronic autos.
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