VW Emissions Modification failure ruined car - what next?

As other posts my 2012 Tiguan modification has failed leaving me with a noisy unresponsive machine completely at odds with the driving experienced prior to modification, The car was returned to Dealer who in concert with Volkswagenl retained the car for almost 6 WEEKS ,it was returned last week and if anything is worse, possibly dangerous with unreliable throttle response, The dealer visited my home yesterday acknowledged our issues but has done nothing, They cannot fix the car to a satisfactory standard and they will not buy it back!! We have had the car from new it is modified for my disabled partner and travelled 31K We are at a loss Full independent assessment and anticipated legal costs seem to preclude court action even if you can find a Lawyer prepared to take on VW, none of the Magazines or Newspapers will respond I have many letters to the parties without acknowledgement or response I will happily provide all the effort and paperwork if someone would shine a light on these cheating so and so's Do You have an Answer? Could You publish a full article there are many in trouble with this engine ?

Asked on 17 August 2016 by GeorgeHornsey

Answered by Honest John
I have recorded this in the Tiguan entry in www.honestjo9hn.co.uk/carbycar and done as you asked: www.honestjohn.co.uk/news/volkswagen-emissions-sca.../
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