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Buying a new Volkswagen Passat

I am considering buying a new Passat Estate especially given the new loyalty discount of £1000. However, I am confused. Presumably a new Passat Estate would have a Euro 6 compliant diesel engine which we are told is unaffected by the emissions scandal. However Volkswagen has now issued a list of 2016 model engines with potentially incorrect CO2 and hence MPG figures, including engines used in the Passat Estate (I think from looking at the list but it is not very intelligible to a layman) - presumably these engines are Euro 6. Are they saying the Euro 6 engines are all legal (no cheat software), all pass the test (so meet EU6) but the figures may be inaccurate? If the figures are inaccurate how can they be sure the engines pass Euro 6? Can you help me understand? Are the risks too high despite the new incentive if a brand new apparently EU6 compliant car turned out not to be?

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This isn't about the NOx 'cheat' software, it's about the NEDC CO2 test results and if they are repeated it could be that the car is rated with higher CO2 and therefore taxed a few quid more heavily. Fuel economy won't be affected because real life fuel economy bears little relation to the test figures anyway.

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