DPF problems with Yaris - should the warranty cover the repairs?

I am a driving instructor and run a 2013 Toyota Yaris 1.4 diesel, with 50,000 miles on the clock. The car had a new DPF fitted six months ago with new software and a manual update. The filter has clogged again and can't be re-generated so requires another fitting.

It looks like Toyota might be reluctant to do this for the second time under warranty. They say that, because it's a driving school car, it doesn't get enough high speed driving to regenerate. I thought a manufacturers warranty covered the vehicle for such defects?

Asked on 3 August 2016 by nigel flather

Answered by Honest John
This is a retrofit DPF to an engine that was never designed for one. Yes, for driving school use a diesel with a DPF is not suitable. You should have bought a petrol model and that's the answer. Swap to a petrol model. With a DPF the D-4D is extremely oil sensitive. Must only use the correct low ash 0w-30 oil.
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