Toyota Yaris DPF problems

I've had to pay my Toyota dealer £275 to regenerate the DPF and change the oil on my 2015 Yaris diesel. I used Millers longlife ACEA C2 5W30 at the last oil change, but the dealer says this is wrong and it should be 0W30 then refilled it with 5W30.

The car is a Yaris Icon 1.4 D4D, with 18k miles, virtually all motorway runs. The dealer says Toyota will not entertain a warranty claim. I don't think I should have had this expenditure at under a year old. I know DPFs are problematical on short journey diesels but mine is high sped high mileage. Any views?

Asked on 9 March 2016 by Jay Gee

Answered by Honest John
Something wrong there. The active regeneration system is not working properly; possibly not working at all. But the dealer can say that the reason why is that you used the wrong engine oil. No other complaints of this from Yaris 1.4D-4D owners yet.
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