Better prices for MX5 from in summer?

Can you tell me whether it's likely that webuyanycar offer significantly higher prices for convertibles in summer than in winter? I will be relocating at the end of this year and will need to sell my 2008 MX5 RC.

Ideally I would keep the car until I leave, but I was pleasantly surprised by the webuyanycar valuation right now (£5700) and if I'm going to get a much higher price now then could sell now. I know I could probably get more selling privately, but I'd like to minimise hassle.

Asked on 27 July 2016 by WhenToSell

Answered by Honest John
What you get from WBAC depends on what BCA that owns WBAC is getting for the cars at auction. They have a very sophisticated and very accurate method of pricing what they will offer for a car based on what that car is currently fetching at their auctions. If convertibles are fetching more in the summer (which they are almost bound to be) this will be reflected in the offer that WBAC makes to you. Normally, convertibles tank once summer is over and are at their lowest in November, but an RC is a bit better because it has a solid top.
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