BMW 5 Series - auto versus sport auto gearbox

I am on my second BMW F11 530D SE.Both configured with the "Sport" Auto box as opposed to the normal Auto box. Both cars have had the same irritating characteristic.

I drive very gently. The box up-shifts typically at about 1300 to 1500RPM right through the range except from 2nd to 3rd where it always hangs on right up to 2000 RPM. Both cars have done this.

I asked BMW if the shift patterns and mapping are different on the 'Sport' Auto box and they assure me the Sport Auto is identical to the normal Auto. Have you seen the same thing? Have you seen the basic Auto box work differently?

Asked on 26 July 2016 by Mike Taylor

Answered by Honest John
Forgive me if I'm being simplistic here, but surely the answer to this is to drive the car in ECO PRO? If you don't need the harder acceleration in Sport, then don't select it. The reason why it shortshifts at low rpm in Sport from 1st to 2nd is that a hard shift from 1st to 2nd wreaks havoc with the transmission because of the huge amount of torque involved. So the box is programmed to make up for that by holding 2nd for longer.
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