Audi RS6 - what causes wheel buckle?

My Audi RS6 was bought new in late 2015 and has done 5000 miles. I reported an issue to the local dealer (not the supplying dealer) of a vibration through the steering at motorway speeds. Also a pulsing through the brake pedal when braking from speed.

They diagnosed that all four wheels were buckled - 21-inch alloys. I had a 2nd opinion from an alloy wheel specialist and they agreed, except advising they are in fact twisted not buckled/flat spotted. The local dealer says this will not be covered under warranty.

I called Audi UK and they advised that i take back to the supplying dealer (they are a three hour drive away). I am reluctant as I am sure I will get the same response and it will be a waste of time. What could have caused this issue?

Asked on 16 July 2016 by Scottishjock

Answered by Honest John
This is the problem with 21-inch wheels and 35 and 30 profile tyres. Very little tyre between the rims and the road so the wheels are very easily buckled.
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