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Citroen C3 power steering failure

Three days ago the power steering system failed on my Citroen C3. Apart from the power steering faulty light showing, everything else appears to be in order.

The local Citroen dealer say they have never heard of this problem before. I am tempted to get a auto electrician to check it over rather that let the Citroen dealer dabble at high cost. Is this the best option?

I am disabled and non technical and unable to do even simple tasks. If this sort of thing happens a lot generally, should the manufacturer recall vehicles or pay for repairs?

Asked on 5 July 2016 by Terry Cathcart

Answered by Honest John
It will be an electrical problem because the car has electric power steering. Most likely a poor earth either to the battery (though that would stop the car completely) or to the power steering electric motor. Or a poor connection. Yes, your idea of a local <car electrical specialist> ( makes the best sense. Holding the steering on full lock burns out the power steering electric motor so you should never do that.
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