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Bought a used car with dodgy brakes - What should I do?

I purchased a used 2013 Honda Jazz with 42,000 miles on the clock. I did notice corrosion on the all the brake discs at the time and the rears were quite heavily corroded. The comment by the salesman at the Honda dealer was that it was just surface rust as the vehicle had been standing for a long time and would clean off.

The front discs did clean off but upon checking the tyre pressures yesterday, I noticed that there was a lot less contact on the rear discs and barely 0.5-inch band on the nearside disc. I took it to a local Honda dealer in Wolverhampton and they confirmed that it would need new rear discs and brake pads. How would you advise that I approach selling dealer with this issue?

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You simply demand that the Honda dealer replaces the rear discs and pads and if they refuse to do so you get them repaired then sue for the cost. This is a very typical replacement on a used car and in my experience the dealer always replaces the discs and pads without quibble.
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