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Can a Ford Transit ASM ECU be updated or does it need to be replaced

I have a Ford Transit LWB 2.4 ASM, when attemting to drive the vehicle, the Gearbox jumps out of forward or reverse into neutral, after a few seconds, two fault codes are returned on diagnostics U1900 COM Communication BUS Fault and P0560 System Voltage Malfunction.

When these codes are cleared, the vehicle runs as per normal, with no problems. My local garage has checked all the wiring (U1900 Code) but the problem keeps recurring.

Is it possible that the software on the ECU needs to be updated and can this be flashed to the ECU?

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The fact that this is repeating even after clearing the fault codes indicates a fault with the actuator software, the actuator itself, or the transmission itself. Even though it's a robotised box, if a gear has slipped along a shaft internally, it's going to be forever popping out of gear. Needs a specialist. Try
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