Nissan Juke key fault - Can I reject the car?

I have a private leasing agreement for a Nissan Juke on a three year deal. I took delivery of the vehicle three months ago and within days the yellow warning light appeared on the dash stating “key”. I took the car to the local Nissan garage who told me that the batteries were flat in the key so they replaced them.

Again within days the light started to come on again and you had to press the key several times to make the vehicle start. Despite me pointing out that the issue was occurring with both keys I was told they could only replace one at a time under the terms of the warranty.

This morning the warning light was on again and stayed on for approximately 40 miles. In my mind I am paying for a brand new vehicle which isn’t fit for purpose. I spend more time liaising with Nissan or arranging lifts to work than I do enjoying the car and the feel good feeling of a new car has definitely gone. Where can I go from here?

Asked on 15 June 2016 by Jimbo007

Answered by Honest John
Even though you have had the car too long to be covered by the 28 day rejection of the Consumer Rights Act 2016, previous legislation and case law allows you to reject it to the supplier. Law here:
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