Which tyres are best for the Subaru Forester?

I'm due a tyre change shortly and the Michelin Crossclimate will be available in my Subaru Forester's size 225 60 17 from July. I'm aware that the Nokian Weatherproof is also very highly rated and is likely to cost around £120 less across 4 tyres. Which of the two is likely to serve me better?

Asked on 9 June 2016 by jon65

Answered by Honest John
No idea because though I spend a couple of day with the excellent people at Nokian last year when Weatherproof was launched we were not able to drive it. I can tell you that Michelin Cross Climates are outstandingly brilliant because I've been on a set of 215/55 R17s for eight months and 9000 miles. They're comfortable, quiet, absorbent, grippy, give good steering feel, seem to last okay and don't affect fuel economy.
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