Dealer refuses to fix Peugeot 308 air con fault for free

My wife purchased a used Peugeot 308 1.6 HDI (23,500 miles, 2014 registered) from a franchised dealer seven months ago. Last week she tried to use the air con for the first time and found it to blow warm air. We took the car back to the dealer, but they claim it is a wear and tear item.

I was also informed that the 308 has a new type of gas that is considerably more expensive and could only be done at a dealership that is many miles away. I am obviously unhappy with the service provided. Do you think the dealer should help with the costs?

Asked on 28 May 2016 by mannic

Answered by Honest John
I has my FIAT regassed with R123a for the first time in eight years in April and the cost was £45 (the a/c was still cold so this was a precaution). If the gas has leaked through the seals because the system has not been regularly used then that is down to the owner. If it has leaked due to a fault such as failed soldering of the a/c condenser, then it is a warranty issue. This tells you about the new R1234y gas:
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