Volkswagen Scirocco clutch release bearing problem

Recently purchased a 2010 Scirocco GT, its a manual with the 210bhp 2.0 TSI chain driven engine. Whilst reversing up an inclined driveway there was a howling noise, at first suspected brake pads but did some research and discovered a clutch release bearing problem with these cars at around 40k miles. This has been confirmed by my local specialist as the likely cause for the noise.

The car drives well, gears engage fine, my garage recommend ignoring it as they say they see it a lot and it's not likely to get significantly worse over the next 4-5 years and would be around £1000 to rectify.

I have a 12 month aftermarket warranty, if I pursue this i would do so using warranty, I'm told they're unlikely to support it as its not strictly failed. Would you recommend rectifying or ignoring? Maybe even trade the car.

Asked on 26 April 2016 by rory182

Answered by Honest John
Reads like the clutch release bearing, one of the scores of common faults on VAG cars. I used to get it on Mk II GTIs until I gave up with them and switched to Fords because of the ridiculously high component failure rate. The advice is right. The bearing shifts slightly off-centre but can carry on for years like that until you need a new clutch.
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