Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC hesitation below 2000rpm

I own 2014 Honda CR-V 1.6 diesel. Recently I've noticed it has an intermittent hesitation issue - most noticeably when cruising at light throttle in top gear at around 65mph which is just below 2000rpm. There are no fault lights on the dash and I've tried Shell V-Power, BP Ultimate, standard diesel, but nothing seems to fix it. Any ideas?

Asked on 12 April 2016 by Richard Thompson

Answered by Honest John
I have exactly the same engine in an HR-V, exactly the same gearing, same mpg. But no problem. The DPF will only actively regenerate every 250 miles or so and you'll notice the instant mpg drop considerable when that is happening. Surprised you're not using cruise at that sort of speed. Or is it happening in cruise too? if it isn't happening in cruise then blame the accelerator pedal switch.
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