Which 4X4 to take to the Falkland Islands?

I'm moving to the Falklands and want to take a car with me. The terrain is rough and spares are limited. I don't want something too new as every thing gets a rough time but still want a safe and dependable vehicle. A friend suggested a Nissan Patrol but I'm still not sure what to get. Because of cost of getting it down there I don't want to spend much more than £6-7000.

Asked on 8 April 2016 by herrick731

Answered by Honest John
You need to find out which are the most common 4x4s on the Falklands, and I would suggest that these are probably LandRovers. A Nissan Patrol is fairly rust-prone, which is a problem on the Falklands, and if yours is the only one there you may have to wait months for spare parts to arrive.
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