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Windscreen wiper problem with Volvo V40 - what's the likely cause?

My nine month old Volvo V40 is about to start on it's fifth driver's side genuine Volvo wiper blade. They work fine when new but soon leave a 4-5-inch strip that doesn't clear properly. It's right in my line of vision which I consider to be a serious hazard.

I've stopped the wipers midway on the return sweep and can see the bulkier part of the blade dragging on the screen which is taking the pressure off the front clearing edge. I deduced from this that the wiper arm is incorrectly angled (it's fine on the forward sweep).

The dealer replaced the arm but to no avail. I noticed that the V40 courtesy car did exactly the same thing. Is this an issue you are aware of?

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I'll add this to the entry in, but I don't remember anyone complaining of it before. Maybe more will now.
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