Need a petrol SUV to tow a horse box - any recommendations?

My daughter needs a car with which to tow her horse box. She currently has a Toyota RAV4 Diesel but because her day-to-day mileage is low, she is having regular problems with the DPF. This has been replaced once but still causes problems. Can you suggest an alternative which is just as capable as a tow car?

Asked on 27 March 2016 by Doug

Answered by Honest John
It depends how heavy the horse box is and I suspect it is heavier than the towing capacity of her RAV-4. For towing more than 2000kg there is very little alternative to a diesel because no one makes big petrol engined SUVs any more except for high performance versions. One possibility is a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV petrol hybrid, which can tow, but the maximum towing capacity is only 1,500kg:
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