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Unfortunately last year I purchased the Ford Fiesta as I needed a car quite urgently.

I will try to keep this brief as it is a long winded sorry. Appreciate any help you can shed. So I bought this Ford fiesta 1.6 zetec s diesel with 56,000 miles from lexus. Since then i have carried out a report from Ford (attached). There may be speculation whether it has been in an accident due to n/s/r camber. However as time as gone by I have also covered 8,000 miles. Which would bring this into approximately 64,000 miles. To add to the problem Lexus have attempted to fix issues such as replacing rear exhaust, fitting new rear tyres and a few small additions. The service history im led to believe has missed one stamp. As the car was bought with Lexus last year as a used vehicle they have attempted to fix what they can but i am not satisfied. They have offered to take the car back and promised the £6000 back. They have now changed their mind and revaluing it at around £5250 which i feel is unfair naturally. I have a few questions as you can imagine but will try to keep it short.

1)What would the current value of this car be (AX59 FFS), manuel, diesel without dpf

2)Is this a good car in terms of reliability and build - also taking into consideration the mileage and being a diesel

3)Can you advise me of current situation and what would the acceptable thing be before approaching trading standards. Should I request the full £6000 and if they do not pay this amount. Should I accept anything short of this amount.

4) Is this a good model to keep in current form with 1 service stamp missing, the attached report and two cut front tyres. Among a few other niggles with the car naturally.

Asked on 16 March 2016 by AD

Answered by Honest John
Sorry, you asked about this car before you bought it. We advised you not to buy it. Since you bought it you have been a thorn in our sides constantly trolling question after question, many of them repeats of questions we have already answereds. We refuse to answer any more.
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