Cracked tyres on Toyota RAV4

I have taken my Toyota RAV4 for an MOT today and have been told that I will need to put on new tyres due to cracking in between the treads. Really cheesed off as there are many miles left in them.

They have been on the car since I purchased it three years ago. On checking the date of manufacture on the tyre 05 09,on Yokohama Geolanders,should these tyres be cracking at this age? Which tyres should I replace them with?

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They're six years old and the general recommendation is to replace tyres that have been exposed to UV light for five years or more. No supplier/manufacturer liability under the Limitations Act. I'm currently on Michelin Cross Climate which are all weather tyres but have the added benefits of a better, softer ride and less noise with no detriment to fuel economy. If you can't get the size, then Nokian Weatherproof or Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons.
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