Which small, reliable diesel car for a single mum with a young child for £6000?

I have been looking for a small, economical, four/five door car for a single mum with a six-year-old child. Mileage will be approximately 10,000 per annum with weekday town driving and some weekend journeys of 50 miles or so. She would like air conditioning and a diesel engine (for economy), low road tax and low insurance costs. Budget would be about £5000 to £6000. I have looked at the Peugeot 207 (she likes the shape and style) but I wondered what else you might be able to recommend?

Asked on 19 July 2010 by boffin

Answered by David Ross
We'd avoid the Peugeot 207 as it has a patchy reliability record. Something like a Honda Civic or Honda Jazz would be a better bet.
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