Garage has destroyed my father's car - what should he do?

My father recently used a small independent garage (that he had used for many years) to replace the cambelt on his Renault Modus. When the car was initially returned, there was a noticeable ticking sound which was pointed out by my father to the owner of the business - who seemed largely uninterested.

A few days after having the work done the car stalled and refused to start again. My father called the garage who eventually collected the car and took it back to the garage as they too could not start it. Subsequently, the original garage advised that they were transferring the car as they could not effect the repair. Then, the garage to which it had been transferred advised that the engine timing had slipped and was damaged beyond repair.

So my father (who is in his 80s) has paid for work that has caused ruination of his car and is now left without transport. The garage that caused the damage is being less than helpful in resolving the issue (they have allegedly advised to their insurer) despite being clearly in the wrong.

What, please, are the best courses of action?

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He can sue the garage that did the original work for the full cost repairing or replacing the engine:

However, better for you to approach them first and warn that this will happen if they do not voluntarily pay for the repair or replacement. You sue the garage, not its insurer. The insurer ends up picking up the bill, but if it doesn't the garage had to make any restitution that a Small Claims judge orders.
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