VW Golf Mk7 GTD with coolant issues - can you help?

My new Golf Mk7 GTD 184 bhp TDI DSG has had some teething problems .
1. it has used over 1 litre of oil every 4000 miles ( now at 8K ) .Also whilst checking the oil levels, the coolant overflow reservoir was below the minimum. My local Dealer ,VW Chester, states there was an airlock in the system and oil usage is normal for this engine. Just serviced at 8400 miles. Are these issues normal . I`ve owned over 10 new Audi cars previously and none have had these problems. My other Golf MK 7 2.0 SE TDI DSG has none of these problems.

Asked on 19 January 2016 by Audi Nut

Answered by Honest John
The oil consumption is high, but not alarming. May settle down. Write a letter to the dealer principal outlining your concern, send it by post office special delivery, keep a copy, and staple the certificate of posting to the copy so it becomes a matter of record. Good to get the early oil service at 8,400 miles. Airlocks in cooling systems are fairly routine, especially once the heater gets used more often in a cold snap following a period of mild weather.
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