Volkswagen Golf: TSI 150 or Diesel 150?

Need new car to replace Peugeot 207SW 1.6 Sport

Got two Volkswagen Golfs to choose from, a 100 mile pre-reg GT estate diesel (150) for £20k with 3 yrs free servicing OR a brand new GT estate with 150 1.4 TSI for same price (give or take a few tens of pounds)

My annual mileage is approx 14K with majority of daily journeys being approx. 8 miles - bigger runs on weekends, mainly around 30 miles or so and one of two annual 200 mile +

Any thoughts on which is best option - dealer really seems to be pushing the pre-reg but I think the petrol might be better for me?

Asked on 4 January 2016 by Bryn

Answered by Honest John
The 1.4TSI 150 ACT is much nicer to drive and obviously not prone to EGR or DPF problems. The 2.0 EA288 150TDI will be more economical.
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