The government should now launch a diesel scrappage scheme to get ALL diesels off the road?

Based on the results from last night's BBC Panorama programme re the emissions scandal of Volkswagen group, the Government should now launch a diesel scrappage scheme to get ALL diesels off the road. The dash for diesel a few years ago is massively flawed. I found it incredible that Oxford Street in London is the most polluted street in Europe. I'm glad I swapped my diesel Zafira for a petrol Vectra. Surely this should now drive the car makers to invest more in alternative fuels like nitrogen or even LPG. That was all the rage years ago but now seems to have died a death.

Asked on 24 November 2015 by Kelvin Turner

Answered by Honest John
So where does the money come from, then? Extra income tax, perhaps? Are you prepared to pay an extra £500 tax in order to pay for a diesel car scrappage scheme? No. I thought not. At least the programme clearly laid the blame on misguided legislators who brought about an average reduction in CO2 by switching half of all car purchases throughout Europe to diesel. These same legislators actually penalise car manufacturers with fines for producing cars that emit an average of more than 130g/km CO2 in the NEDC prescribed tests for their entire production over 2015. Electric cars and hybrids are a tiny percentage of total production, so the only way this could be accomplished was by diesels. No one considered the true effect on NOx emissions in Europe. But they did in Japan, which is why, instead of concentrating on diesel, Toyota put its money into petrol hybrids 15 years ago. Toyota no longer even makes diesel engines for cars. It buys them from BMW.
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