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My brother bought a Renault Megane that had been imported from Cyprus - what can he do?

My brother bought a brand new Renault Megane from a Renault dealership in March 2008. Unbeknown to him this car was first registered on 1 August 2007 in Cyprus and was brought back to the UK, then sold at a Renault dealership to him as a brand new car with no registration plates on the car. He has been duped and the car company has told him as much. He said if he had known he was buying a car that was seven months old he wouldn't have bought it - he wanted a brand new car, but the twist to this is that three more cars came back from Cyprus (three Meganes), all registered in August 2007 in Cyprus and also sold at the same dealership. Somebody at the Renault dealership isn't telling the truth. What happens next?

Asked on 14 July 2010 by rogerthelodger

Answered by Honest John
Well he obviously bought the car at a substantial discount from the UK list price, so what is the basis of his dispute? Had he paid full list price he would have had a case. But having paid maybe 15 - 25 per cent less I can't see what case he can make.
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