Skoda Octavia buying advice?

I'm test driving a Skoda Octavia estate 1.9 DSI 2002 with 180k on clock, it has a lot of service history and i've seen they go on for well over 300k. I'm not a high mile user Prob 5-6000 a year , I don't think the mileage is too much for me as it will take a long time to click up miles . Is there any specific love or hates on this model should I look out for any thing specifically?

Asked on 25 August 2015 by Baket boy

Answered by Honest John
Still has an EGR that can give trouble, but no DPF and no turbo. As dull as Bexhill-on-Sea to drive.
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Satisfying drive and responsive engines. Decently built. Owners rate them highly. The vRS is quite pacy. Practical estate is better than the saloon. Taxi drivers loved the 1.9 TDI and many did 200k miles plus.

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