Bought a car at auction with a cat problem

I bought a Polo for £1000 at auction. The engine cuts out when optimum temperature is reached and won't go. Black smoke comes out of tail pipe. Robinsons, my local Volkswagen dealer, say the car requires a complete new exhaust system for the princely sum of £1400. As the car was taken to auction by Robinsons with this fault I find the whole thing rather painful but of course only have myself to blame for going to an auction in the first place. On a moral level it's outrageous but I am not going down the legal road as I am quite aware of 'buyers beware', bought 'as seen'. My gut reaction is to bite the bullet.

Asked on 23 August 2015 by Cliveyboy99

Answered by Honest John
You have no choice. You bought at auction on trade terms in an attempt to beat the system and I'm afraid the system beat you. But obviously have this £1000 car fixed by a Volkswagen/Audi specialists rather then by a franchised dealer.
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