Issues trying to sell a Mercedes SLK

We are selling my husbands Mercedes SLK 350 2005 with 55,000 miles. We sent it to our trusted small local mechanic to remove wheels and send alloys for refurb(super job) and for valet to achieve best possible price. It has come back with a horrible creaky roof and much bumpier ride. Tyres are the right size and properly inflated. He has since applied an autoglym product to all the seals and in have asked Mercedes for a lube for the seals but they say they just use water.

The mechanic would like to look at a car and take it to local Mercedes specialist, is that the right course of action? Could something have gone wrong at valeting? It was on a ramp for 4 days. It had its MOT during this time also and sailed through that.

Asked on 23 August 2015 by hoolie

Answered by Honest John
What might have happened was if it was suspended for 4 days with the wheels off, the springs have sprung. One or more may have popped out of its hanger, or turned slightly when the car was put back on the ground. Or the dampers may have lost fluid and stuck. Might be possible to cure the creaky hood mechanism with WD40 . The reason why you are not getting bites for your car on Autotrader is the price. The car needs to be priced more attractively otherwise Autotrader buyers will simply go for the cheaper cars.
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