Audi Q5 stalling and jumping forward

My wife has an Audi Q5 3.0 S line March 2010 with 50k miles with FASH. The car started having a fault where it would try to lurch forward against the brakes when stopping at traffic lights. My local Audi dealer applied a software update. When we collected the car as well as lurching it now also stalled which is unusual for an automatic The garage changed the gearbox oil and said the lurching was corrected. We collected vehicle and yes the lurching had stopped but the car was still stalling. They had it back for a couple of weeks to run diagnostics and then informed us that all the car needed was the gearbox to be run in against the new software update to “learn” it. So they said it was all sorted and to collect. We collected and it stalled again. A few days later they contacted us saying that the car needed a new gearbox at £11.5k! They have offered as a good will gesture to pay half as the car has only done 50k miles and been serviced regularly. I am not happy with this as it was not stalling when I dropped it off, I have paid for the gearbox oil change which fixed the problem I put it in for. My argument is that they have caused the stalling issue and they should fix it

Asked on 7 August 2015 by ace007

Answered by Honest John
This is not the same transverse twin dry clutch 7-speed DSG/ S tronic that has been trouble all over the world. It is a much beefier in-line twin wet-clutch 7-speed transmission developed originally for the Q5 and then later fitted to other Audi models with bigger in-line engines. They all need a routine change of transmission fluid and filters filters every 4 years because the fluid can become conductive, affecting and sometimes fusing the Mechatronics. But the lurching and stalling are characteristics of a clutch or dual mass flywheel problem rather than the Mechatronics, and clutch packs in this model are known to have a life as short as 60,000 miles, which you are not far off. Best thing you can do now is take it to another Audi dealer, an Audi independent, or even a member of I could be wrong, but I don't think you need to spend £11,500 or even £5750 on a new transmission. I think you need a new clutch pack and maybe a new DMF.
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