Looking for small-ish petrol automatic?

I have a five year old DSG 1.4 TSI Golf and am looking to replace it with another automatic, new or up to a year old. It must have parking sensors, be front wheel drive, comfortable and reliable. I know HJ isn't keen on DSGs but it seems to be a choice between that or Powershift as I've moved on from old-style automatics and don't want a CVT. What cars would HJ suggest within my £17K budget?

Asked on 11 July 2015 by perkscan

Answered by Honest John
I've had thousands of reports of problems with DSGs. Not hundreds. Thousands. That's why I can't honestly recommend them. DSGs are the same whether they are in Skoda, VW or SEAs or Audi, where they are simply re-named S Tronic to make them seem different. Powershifts are nicer to drive but are now also starting to be problematic. So your answer is a Mazda2 6-speed torque converter automatic, if you'll accept an 11.7 second 0-60: www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/mazda/mazda-2-2015.../? But get a better colour than the test car.
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