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We recently bought a Volkswagen Scirocco from a dealer in Birmingham. Before completing the sale we employed the AA to carry out a so called 'Comprehensive vehicle Inspection'. Although I had no understanding at the time because it is not made clear on their website. The AA sub contract these sort of inspections to DEKRA.

The subsequent AA report that was forwarded to me made no mention of the following four significant vehicle defects that would have been present on the vehicle at the time of the inspection. But we only discovered after completing our 180 mile drive back home.

I have corresponded and complained to AA. Because of the very poor job they have done, seeking return of all of our £183 fee. In summary their response is that they have done a good job and cannot be expected to find things that are difficult to see! Even though the dealer would have let them use his hydraulic ramp had they asked).

They further rely on the fact that an MOT test was carried out in the period leading up to their inspection, that did not identify these faults. In consequence they are refusing to return the fee.

Please can you advise me whether my best course is now to seek return of the fee?

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I'd simply tell them that you will see them in the small claims track of the county court where you will present your evidence of their incompetence at a very basic level and demand the return of your fee. DEKRA is actually okay in mainland Europe. But in the UK I send people who want inspections to the RAC or to Scotia Vehicle Inspections.
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