Scams when buying a new car

Please be aware of a scam, it is linked to the search engine so if you are looking for a specific model as I was - a Fiat 500, red, leather, glass roof etc. you will be directed to the car of your dreams. In my case the car was advertised by Loot, the owner was in the forces in Denmark (checked - the base was there), he wanted to sell the car via Amazon Prime (full T&C's sent) for our security, constant email contact, on-line chat screen, money transferred and that is the last we heard of it. The 'owner' even emailed the day before the car arrived stating he hoped all was well and was looking forward to receiving the money from Amazon after our 5 day trial. We have now found out that it is all false, the Amazon link, the Wikipedia link, everything. My husband has since found out this is happening at least 8 times a day, always below the £10k so it doesn't attract the tax investigators. We are fools and know it, but please pass this on so that others don't fall for the same trap. The car was still being advertised so we clicked the button that said 'report this ad' needless to say we have heard nothing. We have reported this to the Police and have a crime number but we are just in a queue of people with the same problem.

Asked on 18 June 2015 by marielewis

Answered by Honest John
Which search engine are you referring to? But I can't understand why you thought he could sell it via Amazon Prime. Amazon and Amazon Prime works very well when you want to buy things from Amazon. You have an account, and it's a very quick, painless and reliable service. But, of course, you buy from Amazon. I've never heard of anyone buying a car, unseen, via Amazon.

It's perhaps not that helpful now but try reading this to help you stay safe next time:
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