Audi A3 suspension

Newly received A3 Sportback SE Technik 1.6 TDI, ordered in January before the new MY2016 'Ultra' specification had been launched. Car has torsion beam rear suspension as fitted to lower grade Golf and other MBQ variants. Audi brochure and website does not tell you this and neither does their press releases for the 'Ultra' spec. Ride is consistent with Audi standards, meaning it is firmly damped but has longer spring length so comfort is good but something has been lost in the handling. Audi UK CS don't seem to know anything about this spec change.

Asked on 9 June 2015 by PJT578

Answered by Honest John
We didn't know abut this either. We were always under the impression that all A3 models had the more expensive, more compliant fully independent rear suspension.
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