Buying a first car - i10 or Picanto?

I am looking for a first car for my wife. She can only drive an automatic. I have decided we definitely want a proper torque converter auto.

The front runner is the Kia Picanto. Our budget is up to £5000 and I have seen some 2010 Picantos for approx £4500. However I have also seen the new shape 2011 1.25 Picantos are about £6500 and wondering if it is worth the extra £2000 for a year newer and the new style.

We also wondered if we should go for a Hyundai i10 instead. A 2010 i10 appears to be about £5500 and not sure if its worth £1k more than a Picanto of the same age

Asked on 28 January 2015 by Simon

Answered by Honest John
Look for a Hyundai i10 1.2 automatic. They are now down to your price range and have a much better, chain cam engine than the old Picanto.
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