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CR-V - new clutch at 24K miles acceptable?

The clutch on our September 2012 CR-V has just failed - no warning (e.g. slipping), just a complete failure. Honda UK won't fix under warranty, claiming wear and tear and the prospect of a £640 bill. We think that's unreasonable, given the low mileage, and that most of the use of the car has been motorway and dual carriageway - we do very little in-town, stop-start driving.

What's your view, and what can we do? We've already contacted Honda UK customer relations, who have effectively fobbed us off ("We called the garage and asked them").

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Clutches are only ever warranted by manufacturers for 6 months because a driver could completely destroy a clutch in 15 minutes. But since this is a diesel, what could have actually failed is the dual mass flywheel and that would normally be covered under the 3 year warranty.

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