Vauxhall Astra coolant leak

I've recently discovered that the coolant fluid leaks out somewhere from my Vauxhall Astra. The coolant level drops quite quickly in the tank (about 1 cm/1-1.5dl in 150km) and there is a little bit of a wet area where the pipe between the radiator and the pump is attached.

I do not believe it could be the main source of the leakage as the whole hydraulic part (I am not sure what it was exactly) under the coolant tank gets much more wet while driving. It seems the liquid is sprayed there form somewhere near.

Could you please suggest what could be the possible faulty part? Could you also suggest a trustworthy garage in the Watford area?

Asked on 29 August 2014 by Istvan75

Answered by Alan Ross
Would suggest that you have a pressure test carried out on the cooling system in the first instance. This should identify where the leak is coming from.

If from that you decide to carry out the repair/s yourself,then would suggest that you acquire a workshop manual ,either form a shop ( such as Halfords) or you can get them on line.

It is not possible to quantify any cost until the problem is identified.
As for a trustworthy garage, then you could check on the HJ website for a " Good Garage" close to you.
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