Which car is best for high mileage - EcoBoost or diesel?

I currently rack up 20,000 miles a year and run a 1.6 petrol Ford Focus Style. I would like to change my car for something more economical. Is it is better to go for a smaller EcoBoost Fiesta or should I get a diesel Focus?

Asked on 28 July 2014 by JRarborist

Answered by Honest John
For that mileage a diesel would make sense. But not a Focus diesel with a DPF and a lot of other stuff that could go wrong. And you didn't tell me how much you can spend. Earlier today a reader asked if he should buy a 2009 KIA Rio 1.5 diesel or a 2007 KIA cee'd 1.6 diesel to deliver pizzas in. Both chain cam. Both make sense because no DPF. But the 2009 made more sense than the 2007.
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