Nissan Micra K12 power steering worth fixing?

My mother's 2004 Micra was last week back in the Nissan dealership for a steering bolt recall, then a day later the Power Steering failed. I've been assured this is nothing to do with the recall but more than likely with the power steering unit itself. I've heard these are very expensive to replace by a garage (i.e. £1400 when the trade in price for the car is only around £1000) - or if I can acquire the part second hand for £150-£300 I would just have to find someone to fit it.

Only problem with this is that she needs a car with power steering due to a previously broken wrist which has never healed properly. Is it worth attempting to fix the car given the age and known issues?

Asked on 3 July 2014 by A Morris

Answered by Honest John
K12 Micras seem to hold a lot of expensive shocks. I'd get rid of it as it is and trade it in for something more reliable. Not worth spending £1,400 on the power steering when that would buy you a similar age Toyota Yaris that is likely to be more reliable.
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