What's the spiritual successor to the classic 911?

About 18 years ago I bought an early Porsche 911 as a fun daily driver - now it feels too valuable for that role. What is today's equivalent?

I want a car that's characterful and nimble, but good for daily use and has potential to appreciate in value. Options that come to mind are the Mk1 Mazda MX5, Peugeot 205, early Porsche Boxster S, 924S or perhaps 911SC or Volkswagen Golf. I have a budget of £2000-£4000 but could be stretched for the right car.

Asked on 5 June 2014 by Mark H

Answered by Honest John
Early MX5s are either rusted or over-priced (or both). 205GTIs have already taken off big time. 986 Boxster Ss are asking for very expensive trouble (the 190PS 2.5 is safer). Hard to find a decent 924 or 944 and a 968 is already classic. Golf Mk I GTIs have already taken off and Mk II GTI 16vs can need a lot of work (been there). Maybe a Toyota Celica GT 190. Maybe a Z3 2.8 if you can live with the steering.
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