New car options - are they worth the money?

I am about to buy a brand new Mazda CX-5 and have been offered two options that are new to me. The first is Autotrust which apparently covers the difference in the cost of me buying a new replacement if my car is written off in an accident - costing a one off payment of £400.

The second option is to have my car's bodywork treated with a product called Tribos -cost £350- which I have been told will protect it from the elements. Do you think I should consider either or both options bearing in mind that I intend keeping the vehicle for several years?

Asked on 4 June 2014 by Linlin

Answered by Honest John
The first option is GAP insurance, which is much cheaper bought independently (abut 1/3 of the price). It's a salesman's commission earner. All paint benefits from protection these days, but again this is a commission earner. You should be able to negotiate it down to £200 or £250, which still gives the salesman enough commission to feed his wife and kids.
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