Theft issue with new cars?

I've just been informed by the Met Police that there is a new theft issue with BMW Z and X Series cars and Range Rover models. It appears that gangs have found a new way around the key-copying and USB techniques previously used. Are you aware of this?

Asked on 4 June 2014 by MN_London

Answered by Honest John
Have been aware of it for years. It's due to EC legislation that requires manufacturers to release security information to anyone working on a car. This can be accessed via the car's OBDII ports and the necessary data programmed into a blank key that allows the car to be driven away.

The precaution is to buy a Disklok from Halfords, which is a strong metal cover that completely envelopes the steering wheel. Highly inconvenient, but too difficult to remove for most electronic thieves to bother with the car.
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