Can I reject a car over tyres?

I am in the process of buying a two year old used Audi Q3 from an authorised dealer. However, I noticed the garage has fitted it with four new Landsail Trailblazer tyres, which I understand are manufactured in China .I have asked the garage to exchange them for a set of Michelins and that I would pay the difference in cost. The salesman verbally agreed this and took my deposit, but then called back to say his manager was not happy to proceed. Where do I stand on this?

Asked on 3 April 2014 by J H Ware

Answered by Honest John
Tell the salesman that because he agreed to fit the Michelins as part of the purchase contract and because these Chinese tyres do not fit the specification of an Approved Used Audi car, the purchase contract is null and void if he doesn't fit the Michelins and you will use to sue for the return of the deposit if he does not immediately return it. Of course, that leaves you vulnerable to being stiffed over the price of the Michelins.
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