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Which convertible to replace my Mercedes-Benz CLK?

My much-loved 2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK 230K cabriolet is now up to 103,000 miles, and is starting to cost serious money so I fear it has to go. I would hope to keep its replacement for at least five years and expect to do about 7000 miles a year. I fancy another drop-top but don't like later CLKs. Convertible Beetles seem a bit twee for a 66-year-old builder, and, although I like the looks of the EOS, I gather they're prone to leaks. I'm prepared to put in £10,000, plus what I can get for the Merc, and would go an extra £2000 if I found something that really lit my fire.

I haven't seen any decent Golf VI cabrios at that price so, at the moment, it looks like an A3 cabrio is about my only choice. However, there is a Mazda dealership within 400 metres of my door and they have an excellent reputation for looking after their customers, so I’m thinking about an MX-5. Is there something else I ought to consider?

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MX-5s are excellent sports cars, but a tight squeeze inside. Might be better to look at a BMW Z4. This is less of a sportscar than a Mazda MX-5, is roomier inside, and, to my mind, would suit a builder used to a CLK far better than an MX-5. Wide engine choice.
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