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Which fun, economical 2-seat convertible sports car would you recommend?

We want to buy a used 2-seater convertible for under £4000 for three/four long trips every year, so we need some luggage space, comfort for distances, low wind noise with top up for motorways, reasonable fuel consumption and fun to drive around country areas. We are open to all makes and models. What do you think of a BMW Z3 1.9 Roadster or the MG TF 1.8l VVC?

Asked on 7 September 2013 by PR, via email

Answered by Honest John
Yes, there are plenty of 2-seater convertibles about. Generally a Mazda MX-5 is the best bet and the most fun. A BMW Z3 looks like a sports car (looks great), but drives more like a saloon car. MG TFs are cheap. Mercedes-Ben SLKs at this sort of money will probably have roof problems. You'll find the good and bad points in www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar
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